Passion or Something Else?

What is it, when I wake up in the morning, I am thinking about making jewelry, when I daydream, I am thinking about new ways to create something, when I am driving, I picture my studio—sounds like obsession, right? 

I am not sure why this jewelry metals thing has grabbed me, but I know one thing–I love this obsession!  What exactly do I love?  I love the idea that I can decide what to make, and when to make it.  I can choose what stones, textures, glass, techniques or experiments to work on at any given time.  I decide when I need to take a break.  I can include others or not, depending on the day, or the hour.  I can listen to music, dance while I create, or work in my pajamas!

Unfortunately, this does not translate (yet) that I can make a living with this–I do have a full time job as a music therapist–that I love—but I have to say I wish there were more hours in the day—anyone else feeling like this?  And yes, I do sell my jewelry!

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