Changing and Growing– A Makeover

Lynne2Well, it happened.  Over the summer, I had somewhat of an artist’s block.  I was getting tired of making the same things over and over again.  On the one hand, I should have been flattered to be getting orders based on a design that I made, and on the other hand, it was killing my creative juices.  So I got to a point where I didn’t want to go into my studio.  I just didn’t have time to keep up with learning new techniques and trying new things.

So I slowed way down.  I enjoyed vacation, took a break from blogging, social media and going to fairs.  I regrouped.  I took some classes–mostly online.  I refreshed myself.  And guess what?  New ideas are flowing again!  I realized that sometimes I have to say no—and I got in touch with what made me want to do this all in the first place.

Now I am really excited, because I have been starting in on my new designs.  I will still be working with my beautiful stones, but they will be set into new settings.  I will be adding more colorful accents in the chains.  I will be hand making my chains more and more.  I will not rush and I will do very little in the way of production work.  I am a one person artisan jeweler and I will stay that way.

As part of my makeover–this blog will become more consistent and I plan to do features on the stones I use.  I will talk about the process of making a piece for the stone, and take pictures along the way on how it is progressing.  Who knows–maybe a video or two!


A new design
A new design–Using oxidized copper, argentium silver and dichroic glass

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