The New Obsession-Handmade

So what is this new obsession to have things handmade?  You see it everywhere. has a new “Handmade” section-supposedly to compete with–but I see handmade popping up everywhere.  Martha Stewart has a handmade initiative, as do many other major retailers–even Ebay is trying to hop on to this bandwagon.Etsy-Feb

So what is driving this trend?  After researching a little, I found out that customers want to connect with the maker of items.  This gives their new acquisition more meaning, something which we all seek.moonstars2

Another driver for this trend is the human desire to be individual–we have been told over the years that we need to have the latest designer this and that–but after high school–do we really want to look like everyone else?

There is also the need for us as humans to have an impact on our society, and buying from local, handmade artisans helps to support the community, contributing to art and beauty in our society.  Buying handmade also allows us to make statements about our own beauty–not physically, but spiritually–whether it is buying furniture for your home, accessories for your room, jewelry for yourself or gifts for family and friends.IMG_2180

There is also a need to return to our roots–we are nostalgic for things that were made by our ancestors, grandparents and parents–we want to replicate this by purchasing handmade.

This has become a trend for gift giving–people want their gifts to be memorable, not always utilitarian, or something that can be easily found in stores.

So there you have it–a willingness to pay a little more for all of these wonderful benefits!  Do you buy handmade?

2 thoughts on “The New Obsession-Handmade

  1. I do buy handmade and love handmade. Pieces created with care and attention to detail is most important to me. I like seeing and touching something that shows its handmade-ness. The artisan’s vision and craft comes through. Handmade pieces also give you the opportunity to find something that is unique and that really “speaks” to you. By purchasing handmade, you are also supporting the growth of the handmade movement. I often find that the quality of a handmade piece or a handmade product (like honey or soap) is of higher quality than commerically made. I don’t mind paying more to buy handmade; to me, the most important thing is loving the piece.


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